Body Fascia Seals

Rubber body fascia seal for automobiles

Almost all vehicles – and various industrial containers – are sheathed in plastic trim or ornamentation. Most of this trim is actually quite functional. The plastic panel running down the centerline of the outside of your car door has been integrated into the vehicle’s styling, but it also prevents quite a few dings and dents. Spoilers improve a vehicle’s aerodynamics and therefore, have been integrated into the styling package. Spoilers are part of most vehicles’ safety lighting system: rear spoilers almost always contain the ‘brake applied’ warning light.

Rubber body fascia seal

Body fascia seals to tightly attach appliqués and prevent unwanted noise

Many body fascia and spoiler systems require seals to assure that these appliqués fit tightly to the side of the vehicle. A loose fit will usually result in an unwanted noise or whistle: a consequence that must be designed away.

In the arena of body fascia seals, thermoplastic elastomers are developing a commanding position owing to the fact that, in many cases, the seal is not seen and is therefore, not exposed to UV light. EPDM seals strike a tempting alternative and are in many cases, the material of choice.

■ Applies to body fascia seals designed by Mantaline

Automotive Tier 1EPDMExtrusion: Dense/Foam
Heavy Truck OEMNitrileMetal Carriers & Solid Core
Construction EquipmentNeopreneCutting/Taping
Off-Road VehiclesHNBRNotching/Drilling
Recreational VehiclesSiliconeCoating
AgriculturalAutoclave Cure