Door Seals

Heavy truck rubber sealing system primary door seal

A door is used to cover an opening as well as moving, opening or closing as necessary. Doors are used in buildings (walls and partitions), vehicles, furniture (cupboards) and industrial applications (cages and containers). A door is usually hung via hinged mechanisms and can be opened to give access and closed by using a combination of latches and locks.

Rubber door seal for the heavy truck OEM market

Seals to prevent external intrusion of elements

Door seals prevent the intrusion of elements: dust and fumes for vehicles, large air conditioning systems, industrial cabinets and other containers. Door seals also maintain an environment within the container or vehicle. A container might be a freezer where the door seal keeps the inside of the container stable.

Seals to reduce noise, vibration and harshness

In vehicle applications, door seals reduce noise, vibration and harshness: all contributing to the comfort of the vehicle operator and lessening fatigue while improving operator safety. Many applications employ two door seals: the primary and secondary door seals. In combination, these seals create a door sealing system.
Vehicle door seals are most often EPDM. A specialty application such as a door seal for a freezer, is often rendered in EPDM or silicone. Many appliance and garage door applications use thermoplastic elastomers.

■ Applies to door seals designed by Mantaline

Automotive Tier 1EPDMExtrusion: Dense/Foam
Heavy Truck OEMNitrileMetal Carriers & Solid Core
Construction EquipmentNeopreneCutting/Taping
Off-Road VehiclesHNBRNotching/Drilling
Recreational VehiclesSiliconeCoating
AgriculturalAutoclave Cure