Industrial Seals

In general industry applications, Mantaline applies the full palette of elastomeric materials toward solving customer applications issues. Some of our industrial seal applications gaining attention include:

HNBR wind turbine gear box gasket seal

wind turbine sealing systems.

laboratory coolers and freezers.

EPDM cord stock:
square and round stock sold in bulk footage to solve low volume, high cost O-ring applications. We even sell the kit that permits the user to cut the stock to length and splice the ends to form a ring.

Rubber seal for industrial applications


pump gaskets

garage door seals on the sides, bottom, and top, seal your garage from the wind, rain, and snow.

gas pump housing seals

traffic light seals

tire press seals

underground tank seals

HUMVEE gun turret seals

mining seals

commercial oven seals

control panel seals

hatch cover seals

wheel seals

in-the-ground concrete water pipe seals

pickup truck job box seals

casket gaskets combine EPDM dense or sponge extrusions, precise cutting and splicing, and molded features.

■ Applies to industrial seals designed by Mantaline

Automotive Tier 1EPDMExtrusion: Dense/Foam
Heavy Truck OEMNitrileMetal Carriers & Solid Core
Construction EquipmentNeopreneCutting/Taping
Off-Road VehiclesHNBRNotching/Drilling
Recreational VehiclesSiliconeCoating
AgriculturalAutoclave Cure