About Us

Mantaline provides the right product to solve design challenges

As a customer-driven company, Mantaline recognizes the importance of providing a consistent level of quality and service. Our team develops and manufactures customized extruded elastomeric profiles for market leaders around the globe. Our many years of experience within diverse industries enable us to stay a step ahead of customer demands. We provide our customers with the right product to solve their design challenges.


Mantaline provides a well defined strategy. How do we do this?

Good Roadmap

First, our Mantaline Production System is an array of detailed protocols aimed at guiding our activities as we move with our customers from concepts, to designs, to validation of product and process, to production and on to continuous improvement.

Breadth of Capability

Second, we diligently and persistently expand our inventory of manufacturing processes and the materials used to address customer problems confidently. Our broad palette of capabilities permits us to choose designs and fashion applications that are both efficient and effective for a broad range of automotive Tier 1 suppliers; truck, bus and off-road vehicle OEMs; locomotive manufacturers; rail and tank car refurbishers, to a host of other transportation and industrial applications.

Global Reach

Third, we developed a network of partners and affiliates around the world who provide us with a global delivery system and augment our capability to deliver products far beyond anything we can deliver on our own.

Customer Confidence

Fourth, we built our commercial team from the ground up, centering on applications engineering: the technology of solving customer problems through the use of innovative diagnostic tools and up-to-date design software. Our application engineers double as program managers so they stay with a project from its inception until it becomes production-ready. If you look around the marketplace you will see that this approach is novel. We win business because our sales professionals are diligent in their work and create lasting relationships; we take pride in this capability. At the end of the day, we win business because customers rely on us to solve their sealing problems: it’s as plain and simple as that.

Our people receive training, opportunities for advancement, and are imbued with responsibility and authority to a level exceeding most companies.

You can rely on Mantaline’s expertise in elastomeric technology to develop sealing solutions as unique as your product, thereby enhancing performance and increasing your customer’s overall satisfaction.


Mantaline offers you:

Customized Applications

You no longer need to settle for off-the-shelf products that never quite meet your sealing needs. Mantaline excels at providing customized solutions that enhance product quality and performance. Our customer commitment is backed by the service and support of the entire Mantaline organization.

Support for Your Success

Mantaline’s engineering services are designed to support your success. Our hands-on staff of applications, design, development and manufacturing engineers has full-scope responsibility for your product from concept through manufacture.

Mantaline engineers operate from a consultative standpoint working with you each step of the way. With resources dedicated to your success, we embrace your project because we are successful only when you are successful.

The Right Product When and Where You Need It

Mantaline’s experience is not limited to a single industry or a single application. The company has successfully solved a variety of demanding sealing problems for customers in diverse markets such as HVAC, transportation, lighting, power generation and many other markets. Mantaline leverages the knowledge it has gained to develop the right product when and where you need it.

Our Product Realization Process aligns each step from design, through manufacture and delivery. Along with your sales representative and program manager, our experienced customer service reps are part of the development team; there is always someone available who knows your product.

Wide Range of Elastomeric Processing Capabilities

Mantaline offers a variety of elastomeric processing capabilities that accommodate a wide range of profiles and materials such as organic dense and sponge, silicone and custom compounds. Mantaline also provides profiles with metal carrier for those applications which require it. Additionally, Mantaline offers a variety of value-added services and finishing capabilities such as injection molded features, splicing, pressure-sensitive and heat-activated taping, notching, punching and drilling.

A Half-Century History of Success

As a world-class leader in customized sealing solutions , Mantaline offers a proven approach for creating and delivering well made products, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, a dedicated workforce of trained engineers and factory employees, and superb customer service building on our nearly half-century history of success in a variety of markets.