Dynamic Window Seals

Dynamic window: an opening in a vehicle or container for letting in light or air or for looking through; usually having a pane or panes of glass (acrylic plastic, polycarbonates) set into a track that can be opened or closed.

Dynamic window seals for leak proof track

Dynamic window applications allow movement of the glass. A secure track provides a ‘run’ for the glass with the option to open and close manually or automatically. Creating a ‘leak proof track’ for the glass to operate is the essence of a dynamic window system. Dynamic windows include home windows, car and truck windows, sunroofs and some skylights.


Inner and outer belt seals to squeegee off dirt, debris and water

For vehicle applications, three distinct seals are usually designed into the system: the inner and outer beltline seals guide the glass and squeegee off dirt, debris and water; the glass run channel (the track the glass ‘runs in’) provides the ultimate perimeter sealing surface when the glass is moved to the ‘closed off’ position.

Dynamic window seals must withstand the constant opening and closing of the window system and not scratch the glass as it moves along the surface. To avoid scratching, seals are often flocked. Nylon or polyester fibers are electrostatically charged into an upright position along the seal surface in a glue type medium and cured in place to form a uniform, fuzzy surface along which the glass travels. Dynamic window seals must withstand a wide variety of operating conditions.

EPDM is a common dynamic window seal material, though silicone and thermoplastic elastomers are also used.


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