Cryogenic Deflashing

Cryogenic Deflashing is the heat and mechanical process of removing ‘flash’ from rubber and plastic parts. After placing the Rubber and plastic parts in a stainless steel basket, the basket is rotated in a blast chamber so that all parts become exposed to the blast media. This blast chamber is insulated with rigid polyurethane foam that insulates the blast chamber to ensure stable temperatures.

Liquid nitrogen lowers the interior temperature and freezes the ‘flash’ along the edges of the parts to make it brittle. The use of high-purity, moisture-free nitrogen eliminates the need for a dryer and prevents part contamination because of moisture.

With the all-in-one operation, the high-speed impeller shoots polycarbonate plastic pellets into the chamber which in turn, cleanly trims the inner and outer diameter flash from the parts. To reduce the noise volumes, this unit is fully enclosed. The flash is separated from the blast media and both can be reused.